Formula 1 In-Game

Took a stab on Hamilton podium +200

Going to need him to catch Perez somehow, top 2 are set unless something crazy happens
Gal in our local Man City group, her job has her at this race and she's already spent time in Austin a couple weeks ago promoting that. I don't even have a clue who she works for but she's been posting pics this week riding on this track. Her company is based out of SF, I know that but she legit gets to promote here, Austin and Vegas. How awesome to "work".
At this point just need Alonso to hold 3rd, think it seems likely but pretty sure he's going to have a lot more laps on those tires than is ideal coming home
Stroll isn’t gonna lose his spot or anything since his dad runs the show… but you gotta ask yourself why Alonso is so much better
Massive moment in the race, pit laps meeting up with potential rain. Strategy is on