College Bases 5/18


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3PM LSU -260 (Ceasars)
4PM Southern Miss -162 (Barstool)
4:30PM Texas -117 (Barstool)

Some stuff I couldn't find offered/couldn't push over the top:
Campbell/SC Upstate under 14.5 or better if offered
strong lean Florida -135
lean KState +130
Mizzou/Auburn over 12.5 or better if offered
slight lean Arkansas -110
lean Texas Tech-250
WKU/DBU under 12.5 or better if offered
strong lean UCLA -115
College Bases 5/19:
3:30PM Florida/Kentucky under 12.5 -115 (Ceasars)
3PM Virginia/Georgia Tech under 14.5 -115 (Ceasars)
4:30PM West Virginia/Texas under 12.5 -115 (Ceasars)

some stuff I couldn't get over the top:
slight lean ECU, wish there was a spread
lean Virginia -155
Strong lean Stanford -175
lean Stanford/Wash St under if offered 14 or better
slight lean Florida -1.5 +100
slight lean Texas -150

might have a couple late adds as the day treads on, thanks for looking!
1-1, -0.4u

Total: 8-3, +4.3u

Passed a few leans that won today, a bit annoyed at myself for that. Onto the tournaments!
5PM Auburn -170 (Ceasars)
5PM Auburn/Missouri under 13 -110 (Ceasars)

lean SC (just think they win, can't play at -145)
lean VT
lean Arizona
slight lean Tennessee
lean UCLA

might have some more as more games pop up
unfortunately not seeing much that stands out as really strong. more leans

slight lean Iowa
lean Iowa/Michigan under but circa opened so it's too low
lean Illini
lean Maryland
lean ODU
strong lean Tenn/A&M under 12.5
1-1, -0.1u
Total: 9-4, +4.2u

trying 7AM Kansas State/TCU Under 13.5 -120 (Circa) - starts in 30 mins

will likely have more throughout day, a few games just start really early
10:30AM Kansas/Texas under 12.5 -105 (Ceasars)
5:30PM Texas Tech/West Virginia under 13.5 -115 (Ceasars)
6PM Vanderbilt -145 (Ceasars)

likely have more
5-1, +3.8u
Total: 14-5, +8u

2:30PM LSU -140 (Ceasars)

lean Texas, would play at sub-200

will have more, just getting started today
Tried some fun with round robins 2/3/4


Obviously all big favorites but if 3 of them come in it's profit...laddered it 1.5*/1*/.5*

GL today, great time of year for this stuff!
5/27: 2-2, -0.85u
Total: 19-11, +4.8u

11AM Southern Miss/Louisiana Under 12.5 -105 (Circa)
12PM Texas A&M/Vanderbilt Under 12.5 -110 (Circa)
12PM Vanderbilt -140 (Circa)
3PM Oklahoma State/TCU under 13.5 -105 (Ceasars)

lean DBU
lean Charlotte/DBU under
lean Miami/Clemson over
lean OkSt