Can the Chiefs be the first NFL team to 3 peat?

C-70 Blues

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There have only been three teams that had a legitimate shot at winning three straight - the 1976 Steelers, the 1990 49ers and the 1994 Cowboys. My rationale is based on those three teams making it all the way to the conference final after their second straight title, something the 1972-73 Dolphins and the 2003-04 Patriots did not do. Going to do some research and see what comes up.
After looking over those three teams only one team was inches from appearing in a 3rd straight super bowl and that was 1990 49ers. The Giants kicked a FG as time ran out to win 15-13 and denied SF the chance at a 3 peat. If that team which included hall of famers Joe Montana and Jerry Rice on offense and Charles Haley and Ronnie Lott on defense couldn't pull it off I say the 2024 Chiefs won't do it. This could be the year that Buffalo slips by KC and represents the AFC in the super bowl.