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2-4 (-0.39)….weather could present a problem, but as of now I think the windows are open to get everything in as scheduled. Played Dixon +900 for .15. Only number worth a damn imo.

Pato went off track, Power wrecked and Grosjean blew his engine. Fairly wild first session. Rain is holding off till tonight. Nice efforts from Lundgaard and Pags to crack the top 10. Doubt they do that in Q but we’ll see. Always loved Helio but he’s taking a seat from a youngster and it’s time for him to do ovals only and be a mentor.

A few of the guys are complaining of being down on power. With Grosjean’s engine imploding, makes you wonder if some of them are about mileaged out. Ferrucci had transmission issues but I doubt we see him in a matchup. Warm up session soon . Rain is gone but sustained 10-20mph with bigger gusts.
Kirkwood-115 Ericsson (complaining down on power)

Rossi -115 Power (same as above)

Lundgaard-115 Felix ( Lundgaard has been good since they rolled it off the truck) top 3 +650 is tempting. He did the exact same at the Indy road course for his only career podium