Azerbaijan GP


Bump. Set. Shuma!
Rare I do this but 3am it's go time

Sergio Perez top 10 -600 3* (he's -550 top 6, extra 50 for top ten is warranted, unless he wrecks he's top 10)
Carlos Sainz top 6 -225 1.5*

I don't like Russell today, he has some vendetta against Max and I can't see it going well. Max will win but George will likely pay the price.
First lap will determine the winner per usual but taking Max to win is kinda boring now but he likely pays
I'm not positive anyone is even on CTG right now

City minus the number at 6am. Beating Arsenal on Wednesday means pounce time and we're talking 4-5 goal victories
If LeClerc wins the first two turns he wins I think

Red Bull don't like losing and Max will come flying but I think LeClerc can do this
Best F1 race I've seen in the last 2 years

Incredible and I'm no aficionado,, but this has been awesome