82 days till the start of CFB...

I'm a day late, but '92 Alabama is the first season I remember following on a weekly basis. First year of the SEC Championship Game.

Sugar Bowl against Miami that nobody gave us much of a chance. We all know what happened including the greatest play canceled by a penalty:

So much mouth by Lamar Thomas, shut up in the best way possible.

Funny memory I have from that game: I was spending the night at a friend's house, who was/is a huge Auburn fan. We were 11 years old, and at dinner he mentioned in front of his dad (also huge AU fan) that he was pulling for Miami. His dad got really angry at him and demanded that he cheer for the in-state school or else he was grounded. I respected my friend for his decision, since there was no way I'd ever pull for AU in a similar situation. But, watching that game unfold with my buddy cheering against Alabama, and the pure agony it gave him will always be one of my fondest football memories
Added Mich O10.5 -115 to my OSU U10.5. 1u. Schedule is a joke you assume the only threats in B10 are PSU and OSU. OOC comical again. They have OSU at home. Barring major major injuries I see another undefeated season. I can lose 1. JJ, Corum, Best OL, red hot DC, etc.