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SDQL Badass Stat Boss
Fight 1
  • 4/1.26 GILLIAN ROBERTSON (W) -317


SDQL Badass Stat Boss
  • Robertson Sub ...Cachoeira’s leaky takedown defense will make it easy for Robertson to get to work with her grappling immediately. Cachoeira may prove tricky to submit initially, but Robertson should have the best part of fifteen minutes to find it. Cachoeira’s famed durability will mean nothing if she cannot keep the fight standing.
  • Costa KO Round 1 ...You’d be hard stretched to find a better first-round fighter than Randy Costa. Costa’s jab is a constant weapon used to inflict damage – sitting down hard on the shot. While Kelley hasn’t been stopped in his career so far, he shipped a lot of damage against Kai Kamaka III. When facing the power of Costa, it’s lights out if a similar defensive liability occurs. If Kelley survives the first round, Costa is ripe for an easy submission.
  • Hall Sub Round 1 ...While Minner has a slew of submission victories on the mat, he will struggle to go toe-to-toe with Hall. Minner found great success against Darren Elkins in the first round with heavy ground and pound, but it is unlikely that Minner will be able to recreate Ilia Topuria’s victory. Hall has the edge on the mat and will likely punish Minner’s determined intent to find a finish.
  • Muniz ...Physically, Anders has all the tools to keep himself on the feet and away from Muniz’s dangerous subs. Can Anders prevent himself from making a mistake for fifteen minutes, however? Very unlikely. Muniz can somewhat handle himself on the feet, but every attempt will be made to pull guard and test Anders’ submission defense.
  • Silva KO ...This one promises a beautiful, glorious knockout. The wonderful form on Jordan Wright’s kicks deliver his power cleanly, and Bruno Silva isn’t exactly a defensive savant. If, as expected, Silva survives the fireworks of the first round, however, he will have ten minutes to find the finish against a sitting duck.
  • Tuivasa ...After the crushing knockout loss to Rozenstruik, it is difficult to back Sakai. Sakai wasn’t willing to commit to his strikes, and for a fighter who needs to land volume to control the pace, it is a serious issue. If Tuivasa plugs away with his leg kicks early, he can press the Brazilian back to the cage. Stefan Struve and Cyril Asker both struggled to deal with Tuivasa’s clinch striking, an area where the Aussie can surprise with powerful elbows.
  • Cruz ….The athletic decline after a series of career-changing injuries has left Cruz without the natural speed advantage that forms the foundation of his style. Thankfully for him, he faces an even slower fighter with inferior reach. Cruz will struggle to threaten his wrestling against Munhoz, nor will he be able to crack the Brazilian’s chin. Unless Munhoz commits to leg kicks early and replicates Cejudo’s approach, this has decision loss written all over it.
  • Ige ...Will Josh Emmett’s heavy hands be the force that opens the first crack on Dan Ige’s legendary chin? Emmett’s exceptional defensive wrestling will negate Ige’s grappling, leading to what should be a fun firefight on the feet. Emmett, as the more technical striker, has enough savvy to collect the rounds with clean work on the counter. It wasn’t that long ago, however, that Michael Johnson was able to batter Emmett with activity before MJ found a way to lose. Ige’s volume and relentless aggression may just tip the scorecards in his favor.


SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[6-4 +0.45u]
  • 2/1.94 DOMINICK CRUZ -103
  • 1.75/2 DAN IGE +114
  • 2/1.07 DAN IGE vs JOSH EMMETT over 2½ -187




KJ is my name, naps are my game.
Sorry to ruin it folks but we just saw the fight of the night

Probably top 5 of the year


SDQL Badass Stat Boss

UFC 269: Main Card

  • O’Malley KO ...Forgoing O’Malley’s biscuit legs disintegrating in the first round, Paiva is not going to be able to handle O’Malley’s power. Paiva needs to deny O’Malley the space to kick and drag him into an uncomfortable pace up-close. There were signs of O’Malley slowing against Kris Moutinho before the late referee intervention. However, it’s just too difficult not to see Paiva walking onto a knockout counter
  • Kara-France ...A difficult fight to call, not least because of the coin-flip nature of Garbrandt’s approach in the octagon. Garbrandt looked drained on the scales and there is the fear that the extra weight cut may hamper Garbrandt’s recently revived durability. If Garbrandt is healthy, he will still struggle to beat Kara-France if the Kiwi sits back on a 4″ reach advantage. In a straight shoot-off, Garbrant has Kara-France comfortably beaten for speed. Instead, Kara-France will have to sit on his underrated power and out-slick his athletic opponent. Garbrandt has the wrestling edge yet he so rarely threatens with it that it almost feels pointless mentioning.
  • Neal KO ...Sooner or later, a Geoff Neal head kick is finding the target. Granted, Neal’s struggles outside of the octagon raise red flags over his mentality entering the fight. This feels like a difficult fight for an out-of-sorts Neal
    to lose, however. Neal has never had a problem with power but instead struggles with closing the distance with opponents. With Ponz bobbing happily in striking range, Neal can rip the Argentinian’s body to shreds. While Ponz’ volume against Miguel Baeza was a pleasing return to form, the regular damage he ate cannot be afforded with Neal’s heavy hands.
  • Nunes KO Round 1 ...Losing via submission to Valentina Shevchenko is perfectly excusable. Tapping to GDR, however, is unforgivable. The kicker is that Pena walked herself into the sub off of her own takedown. If Pena’s only viable weapon is her wrestling vs Nunes – it doesn’t bode well for poor Pena. More worrying is Pena’s natural defensive instinct to dip at the knees. Nunes is too polished not to eventually time an uppercut that rips through Pena’s guard.
  • Oliveira Sub ...The safest call would be to back Poirier deep in the contest or on the scorecards. Tight, technical boxing, excellent decision-making and a wonderful chin suggest that Poirier will overcome an early onslaught from Oliveira before making his reads. But it feels as though Oliveira’s skillset has been vastly underrated in the build-up. Oliveira’s explosiveness on the feet will benefit him as his unorthodox strike selection will delay Poirier’s ability to time counters. Dan Hooker almost stopped Poirier with early aggression if not for the buzzer. As seen against Chandler, Oliveira only needs one window of opportunity during the opening rounds and he will make it count. Whatever the result, this is the true Lightweight showdown between the best two in the division.



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[8-5 +1.71u]
  • 1.74/4 SEAN O'MALLEY IN ROUND 1 +230

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