*** 2023 NBA Playoffs IN-Game ***

Not on final score or pregame. But just let these teams go up and down double digits and hit it both ways. Celtics for one have been blowing big leads multiple times a game 12-15 points. FAKERS last night.

Mucks did it twice against the Meat? Maybe just pound the Heat down DD every game.
Obviously would've worked for the Nuggz last night as well
I think Boston takes next two and Miami wins at home - they have so much talent
I’ve been on Miami a lot and they have made the the most money this playoffs with their ML plays
As expected the narrative after Game 4 is ‘LeBron drops 40 points in an elimination game at 38’.

Not ‘LeBron decides to quit in 2nd half of elimination game because he’s 38 and knows he’s not going to win Game 5 in Denver’

Is what it is with this dude…
Ok Look. I See A LOT Of Boston Love 2Night For Game 4.
I'm Having A Hard Time Seeing A Team That Looks Like They Don't Give A Shit...
Start Giving A Shit 2Night

I Can't See The Locker Room ALL Jacked Up With Locker Room Speeches..."Let's Do This!"
"Was It Over When The German's Bombed Pearl Harbor?!"

IDK Man... IDK...
Well, Boston currently showing signs they’re about to pack this shit in and it’s only the first quarter, smh.
Nc St and Nevada > Cal
Think playing under Muss might have been an advantage at some point?

Twins were good at NC St too but playing under the pro of pros (obv my opinion) was priceless. Arky guys get extra credit in this joint
Haven’t seen great 3 point shooting but incredibly timely 3 point shooting is on a heater, pun intended…
Bam getting called for a screen immediately led to a mini C’s run. But it was only his first foul and last. So why not go back to simply sliding slowly and setting egregious moving screens? He did
These TOs man. 6/0 run 11 on the clock and he’s so scared if Brown dribbling it off his feet he calls a TO that will help settle, The MEAT down
Bam tries to set a real screen where he was 5 feet off and didn’t slide and the play is immediately blown up