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2022 White Sox


KJ is my name, naps are my game.
$16 million for a shitty set up guy

Some guys are meant to either close or not pitch at all. He's in that category.

Joe Public

Gabibbo's Finest
Yeah, never believe Nightingale, just generally.

That said, I would understand picking up the option then trading him. First off, the guy has best closer in the game numbers, so you could argue internally that the Sox totally mismanaged him and that in 'your' organization, he'll be great. This could net you something, but the question is what? More middle relief? I think Marcus Simien (sp?) is a free agent, so you can just bring him back on his own to play second.

To my mind what you really need is a post-season leader. I don't know if that's a position player or a pitcher, but you need somebody. Or maybe you just need Abreu or Yaz to step up and become that somebody, but that person did not exist in this post-season, and it was depressing.

Part of that for me comes back to managing, which it's not going to do any good to complain about because Jerry was never firing TLR and then today both Tim Anderson and Abreu came out and said they want Tony back and that's that. But TLR, even beyond mismanaging the first two games of the ALDS, he very much managed the team through the year like a veteran club that could just turn it on once they got to the post-season. The problem, obviously, is this is a team that had never won a game in the post-season. And now they've won exactly one.

Which, again, is why I think you need it to come from the guys on the field. Someone who, once the post-season starts is no bullshit, let's go punch some people in the mouth. Again, I don't know who that is, but to me that's what they need.

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