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******2022 NHL Playoffs IN GAME & Discussion******


Leader of the Van Buren Boys
NHL getting what it wants out of these game 7s......wins by southern growth markets or faces of the league. Two more tomorrow that fit the theme.


Leader of the Van Buren Boys
More McDavid and more Rogers Place with its great ice. Game just looks 10 percent faster there.


Chicken Little
The only thing the Rangers have going for them is the huge advantage in goal. Unless Shesterkin steals it and he’s capable the Rangers are done.


Give me the NHL, or give me death
for those concerned, I have recovered from last night's double whammy of losing to TB and Edmonton moving on..when it rains it pours


Leader of the Van Buren Boys
First period power play opportunities this series: Penguins 13 - Rangers 2

Rangers at least survived today's officiating onslaught with a tie score.