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***2021-2022 NCAAF In-Game Thread***


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Stetson, they literally tried to replace you multiple times, they said go away, and you wouldnt leave. Who does that?

Wasnt nice holly


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Stetson with a an interview everyone needs to hear these days “shut up and get to work” and “life’s tough, fight through it”


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Great call for you guys on Georgia tonight and on your futures…needed to see Kirby and the Stetson step up to a new level and my Lord were both Lines awesome that 2nd half. Nice to see Nick take an L and get dominated by a team that just beats him at his own game…good for the sport.


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Would have been a hell of a bowl season if not for Josh Heupel and that dogshit officiating crew.

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Bama hung on as long as they could without their top 2 WRs. They moved the ball but too many FGs. I thought when they took the 18-13 lead it was a wrap, boy was I wrong lol