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Week 3 Underdog Contest Lines (Still OPEN for new entries!)


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Welcome to Capping The Game 2021 Underdog Contest!

This will be a season long contest that will be based solely on underdogs.


*To advance to the Underdog Playoffs!
*Top 7(and ties) will advance to the Playoffs

How Does the Contest Work?

*You will pick 3 underdogs per week from the available numbers given to you by contest administrators in the weekly thread. Lines will be from Betonline.
*Only wins will be used. Losses/ties will be considered as 0 points.

When Does the Contest Start and When Does it End?

*The Contest will start with Week 1 (Week 0 is not available).
*Entries will be taken until 7pm eastern in Week 8 (Saturday, October 23rd)
*Regular Season ends Saturday, November 27th
*Playoffs Start the following week with Championship Week and run through bowl season

So, What are the Rules?

*You must make exactly 3 picks in any given week. Anymore or less and you are graded as having not played that week.
*You must make at minimum 18 picks for the entirety of the contest.
*The most picks you can make are 39 total (that is 3 picks for all 13 weeks)

Tell me about the Scoring!

*Here is an example entry for one week

Purdue +235
Arizona State +420
Western Kentucky +655

The above results see a Purdue loss, an ASU win and a WKU loss.

Your point total for the week = 420 points

Alright BAR, can you explain this contest for me in simple terms?

Sure, this is a regular season long contest of playing simply underdogs. We will then take our top 7 finishers (and any ties) to a playoff round that consists of Championship Week and the Bowl Season. That will crown our winners!

Okay, so how does the playoff round work?

Easy. The members that advance to the playoff round will have NINE selections to use throughout championship week and the Bowl games. They may use them as they wish, and are NOT required to use all selections but are encouraged to do so. Tiebreakers will be implemented via the National Championship Game if needed.

This sounds simple and fun, just find some dogs! How am I eligible to enter?

*All CTG members with at least 50 posts by Friday, December 3rd 2021 will be eligible for the prize.
*You must be signed up at BETONLINE (new account or current account), BETANYSPORTS (new account or current account) or BOVADA(new account or current account)
*To sign up, please click on the links right above here
*You must send your account number to @Administrator or @B.A.R.
*We will eliminate those without account numbers at the end of September.
*All aliases will be prohibited from winning the prize at contests end
*Multiple entries are NOT Allowed

When will the Lines be Posted Each Week? Which Games are Eligible?

*Lines will be posted each Thursday by a contest administrator.
*Only posted lines are available
*Only Thursday-Saturday games are used (exception will be Week 1).

Any Other Rules I Should Know?

*You may add picks as you go. Please quote your original pick(s) instead of editing. Timestamps will be used to ensure validity of posts. You may cancel a play and replace as long as it is before the respective kick-offs.
*Lines do not change. Thursday morning lines will be our barometer. Please cap accordingly.

One More Question, What DO I WIN??

*Cash Prizes, just the requirements of a
signup/account number of a CTG Affiliate PLUS a minimum of 50 posts(by start of the playoffs)

Okay, Cash! How Much??


Regular Season High Points = 100.00 via Paypal

Playoffs 1st Place = 225.00
Playoffs 2nd Place = 100.00
Playoffs 3rd Place = 75.00

***All Prizes will be awarded after completion of the full contest***


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Ohio 865 vs ULL

Louisville 225 vs UCF

250 vs Maryland

Michigan State 205 vs Miami

N. Illinois 1600 vs Michigan

Umass 625 vs E. Michigan

Temple 550 vs Boston College

Virginia Tech 120 vs West Virginia

Buffalo 385 vs Coastal Carolina

Western Michigan 520 vs Pittsburgh

Nebraska 1000 vs Oklahoma

Indiana 150 vs Cincinatti

New Mexico 1500 vs TAMU

Minnesota 110 vs Colorado

Ball State 230 vs Wyoming

K-State 110 vs Nevada

Purdue 225 vs Notre Dame

Georgia Tech 2250 vs Clemson

Wazzou 270 vs USC

Florida 545 vs Alabama

Florida State 180 vs Wake Forest

Kent State 1135 vs Iowa

La Tech 385 vs SMU

Tulsa 1750 vs Ohio State

Kansas 625 vs Baylor

Colorado St 450 vs Toledo

Duke 125 vs Northwestern

Georgia Southern 1500 vs Arkansas

Arkansas St 570 vs Washington

MTSU 425 vs UTSA

Old Dominion 1600 vs Liberty

East Carolina 315 Marshall

Southern Miss 305 vs Troy

FIU 950 vs Texas Tech

Charlotte 160 vs Georgia St

SDSU 230 vs Utah

Auburn 190 vs Penn State

Utah State 265 vs Air Force

Virginia 285 vs North Carolina

C. Michigan 765 vs LSU

N. Texas
360 vs UAB

325 vs Stanford

Rice 1600 vs Texas

Tulane 450 vs Ole Miss

Okie St 170 vs Boise State

BYU 155 vs Arizona State

Fresno St 360 vs UCLA

Hawaii 220 vs San Jose St
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