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WCSF: Nuggets vs Suns


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Two teams that won road game 6's to advance.

Interesting series here with tempo etc. Backcourt really could decide it.


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We'll need a full analysis @KJ
Can't break this thing down much without sounding like homer Central, with Murray I think the Suns win in 6 or 7. Without him it could be shorter, unlike Spek I think the number is giving a ton of credit to a team with such a small amount of playoff experience trying to go to a conference final. Fair lines if CP3 can stay on the floor, the time off can't hurt.

Not sure where on the floor other than Joker then Nuggz are better. Suns are at every spot, backup PGs are a wash even.

Hoping not to jinx the shit out of it, I guess the two games in a row in Denver could take a toll.


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I see it’s now a juicy -5. I get sucked into steam and momentum. For last couple of days my site read -4 next to an open of -5.5 which sort of slanted my view of it being a short number. 5.5 is the right number and it’s basically back there.

how did Ayton do against Joker this season? You can’t play any worse perimeter defense than the Blazers just did. Yikes!


KJ is my name, naps are my game.
1/1/21 (A) Ayton 22 pts/11 rb -11 Joker 17/9/11 +1
1/22/21 (H) Ayton 27 pts/13 rb +4 Joker 31/10/8 -13
1/23/21 (H) Ayton 17 pts/13 rb +2 Joker 29/22/6 +8

Didn't include Ayton assists, 1 each game

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