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UFC Vegas 20 Picks


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2021 Results
5-5 -1.77 units

Brutal o-fer last card... was a wild card with a lot of dog winners, early Ko's, an iffy decision, and a bad chase play by me. lost over 5.5 units after a good start to the yr. Time to climb back in the saddle and rebound.


Faster fighter, should be able to chop down grishin with leg kicks and get a dec here.

MAZO -200

Davis very slow and plodding, much older, her only path is to try and lay on Mazo if she can get her down otherwise Mazo will volume Davis to death and generally beat her up over 3 rounds.


Pushing the limits of what I like to lay but Hernandez is the stronger fighter and throws with a much higher volume. Needs to avoid gassing though.


I realize there is a lot of hype, well deserved, around Glory MMA (located right here in KC) but I'm not sure even James Krause can elevate Croom enough esp on the feet where Caceres should have a big adv. Caceres is just the overall better fighter and I think he can avoid getting stuck on the ground or subbed.


Big striking adv for Rivera and Munhoz often gets sucked into striking battles even though he has a solid ground game.