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UFC 259 Picks


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2021 Results
7-8 -5.32 units

Had my ass handed to me last 2 cards, looking to get back on track. Bets are to win a unit on favs and risk a unit on dogs.

MEDIC -165

LEMOS -220

BRADY -205

Be looking to add more as the night progresses. Feel pretty confident in these 3 to kick off the early prelims. Generally better all-around fighters here.


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other thoughts...The bautista and ulberg fights the lines feel too steep, they prob still win though. Espinoza-elliott its hard to trust either side here, pkem seems right.

one i am still debating is bontorin, i like the dog price the question is can he close distance and get the takedowns where he will have a significant advantage. kara-france will otherwise pick him apart at distance and play keep away. kara france can move though the smaller octagon may give bontorin chances. if bontorin gets close he's the stronger fighter here and he might steal this one. i may take a small stab on him if things are going my way.

askarov-benavidez...really the only question is what does benavidez have left after some brutal losses of late. he's otherwise the superior fighter. i've been burned backing guys who were probably already shot from previous wars before.


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leaning strongly toward playing yadong. think he edges phillips out pretty much everywhere, though not significantly. cardio a bit of a worry so you'd hope song could put him away rather than have to sweat another bad 3rd round from him (like vs vera). song pretty young still, think sky's the limit for him, be surprised if this is where he gets his first loss.

lot of love for cruz at dog odds, bigger guy, great movement, will look to pick apart kenney. just don't trust him here. kenney has a chin and will use kicks and push pace. fight screams pass to me.

leaning santos at bigger dog odds...striker vs grappler. santos significant adv on the feet, rakic will need to get this to the ground which we saw glover do. i hate betting on the "one big shot" esp vs a solid wrestler tho rakic will leave himself out there. still worry about santos and those knees though. maybe a small stab if i'm having a big night.


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think the ppv fights are tough to bet. couple of huge favs that i won't touch with makhachev and nunes. tossup fight with yan and sterling. adesanya should win but the price is a little high going up a weight class. he's so technical and quick, doubt the size (weight) discrepancy makes much difference. do think blachowicz will be game here but still be surprised if he pulls it off...ive certainly had no luck fading isreal in past fights.

should be a fun night, what a card.

Big daddy naught

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No idea what we get from Cruz. His tank is about on empty but he might have 1 or 2 good fights left in him.

kind of dig Rakic over Santos. Like you said the knees. How healthy is he. Rakic should blast those legs early and often to soften him up.

I’m on the funkmaster. Think he just needs one takedown and it’s over. Then again Yan could clip him but I think Sterling can hold up.

Nunes by ko lol


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debating whether to just take my wins here and enjoy the rest of the card or gamble a bit. there isn't anything else i feel super confident about.