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Tracking Sports Profitability/Excel


Well-Known Member
What do you use to track sports betting profitability? I'd like to get granular to know how well I do in different categories...


MLB>Over Under Bets> AL > Astros


NCAAF>Big 10>Home Dog

very basic examples but I'd like to know after say, 3-4 seasons I'll be able to know tendencies of mine. You SHOULD be able to pinpoint where you struggle and where you maximize profitability. I think most of this could be done in a excel spreadsheet but it won't connect directly to your online sportsbook which makes it tedious. What are yall doing/using?


Well-Known Member
I used to use Winafy, but it looks like they've went the way of the dodo.

Torneo seems to hold promise, they're in the fledgling stages...not many books available to link/sync with, but they are taking suggestions and it's free to sign up for now.

I've been using BetSperts as well. It's not sync-able with online books, but it is click, rather than type, which my index fingers are grateful for.