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The Open Championship CONTEST-- Up to 350.00 in Prizes!


CTG Moderator
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Are entries still allowed?

Or was that just after r1?

I'm on Pacific time which should help my case


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Great point guaranteed.
I’m good with You submitting yours after round 3,,,,, to give u a chance.

However I do agree, It wouldn’t be fair to other entries for me to collect after entering it so late. I seriously had no clue. I’ll be sure to get my times straight next time.

Heck, half the fun is keeping up with it and competing against some friends on here anyway.


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Quite the competition

3 way tie for first...

(4 ways if you count the late entry -- which lost on TB's as is)

After tiebreakers, we are STILL tied!

Congrats to @Timh and @WarDmnEgle who will split the pot.

Both had -10 and 65 for their tiebreakers.


Timh -118
WarDmnEagle - 118
jk16 - 118

mogo -115
gps- 115
ryno - 115

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