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***Super Bowl Leggo Tampa In-game***


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Chiefs played "company" ball for far too much this season. Should have figured out a way to score the ball consistently and not with hero ball big plays.

You don't deserve to win a ship when you fail to cover a game for 3 months


VC's Valentine
Not on that play

not saying they wouldn’t have pleaded for it too tho

I was just salty, end of day whether I thought some the flags on kc were ticky tack at best while at same time letting bucs secondary do lot the same stuff it still didn’t matter. Mf’ers only scored 9 points, they weren’t winning that game regardless. Just disappointing what a dud that game was, even the commercials were mostly lame and the halftime show was all time suck!!

I know mahomes getting lot the blame but I don’t think it was much on him, he missed a throw or 2 early but not sure the hardman one that looked bad wasn’t a case of hardman not being where he was supposed to be? Either way I thought it was much more on Andy Reid and the offensive staff, even more so than his guys dropping bunch of critical and very makable plays!

I sure thought Andy would have a much better plan to help out his lineman and would be willing to run bucs out of that cover 2 shell they played most the game, pretty much daring them to run! Guess I should be grateful my CEH prop cashed cause they sure didn’t give him much opportunity! That makes it even worse, kid was getting 5-6 or more every time they handed it to him but seemed unwilling to do so. Way too much arrogance shown by the kc offense to think they could handle that pass rush with only 5 guys blocking, a few being backups! I guess that the problem with having played once already and everything working out the 1st time, doesn’t give much incentive to change the plan despite surely knowing they were gonna do things differently! Then I suppose being down 21-6 made rushing the ball even less attractive! That was another huge blunder on Reid’s part, calling those timeouts to try and get ball back before half was a huge mistake! Bucs seemed pretty content to go into half up 14-6 and kc dared them to tack on! Huge mistake!