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Meatballin' in Celtics Stadium
Shitty for him

Prime of his career, wonder if he can be back for euros
feels soon for him to be at top fitness by then? ACL is 12 months in most sports if you're not Adrian Peterson, but it seems like medical advances have sped that up. June sounds tough


Meatballin' in Celtics Stadium
Fucking bullshit. Shouldn’t have been foul on aurier

bale should Have scored to

since this is basically a spurs fan thread i thought it would be worse, but that was pretty tough. What happened to Jose killing games when he takes 1-0 leads


CTG Moderator
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Ajax so unlucky to be down, missed 2 huge chances

Atalanta boat racing midtjylland

Bayern dominating

Inter tons of chances but no goal yet

Olympiakos and marseilles no chances so far that I've seen

City seem to be lacking intensity


Meatballin' in Celtics Stadium
nothing like a 91' loser, but that's what OM deserves when they take out all their attacking threat and try to survive the last 15'