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Significant Portal Moves etc..


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So this is simply academics. Everything I read is he'll have to go Juco to start.
Don't believe it's academics alone. That's part of it. When you get behind in academics your first year in college that's a big red flag, but there are other issues as well.

He's a me-first guy and his ego is out of control. I don't think it was coincidence LSU had a better record after he left the team.

I know he contacted one top team and they told him, sorry, we don't have room,, but one of the coaches of that team told me they don't want anyone with his attitude in the locker room. They want team-first guys only and this kid is the opposite. .



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LSU Maurice Hampton hits the portal. 5 star guy plays 2 sports but wasn’t seeing the field for LSU baseball.
He played some at Safety but was disappointing
I’m sure he can play somewhere tho, but what’s coming at that position for LSU it would be tough given past performance


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Texas will get a stud in Xavier Worthy.

He's just out of High School... Committed to Mich twice and has been hanging here a bit this winter..but was supposed to be an early enrollment guy .. Michigan admissions fucked up again so he was not happy and gonna opt out of his NLI.

Texas is the spot apparently...Sark been recruiting him since he got there...


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I saw that.

Wish him well... Tough situation he went into last year with injury and also that bad team...has tools...and work eithic is outstanding...
I'm thinking he has the inside track to win the starting job this Fall, but I suppose we will see.


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Oklahoma took 9 transfers, the most of any team. I think all of them were heavily recruited by OU out of high school and had Oklahoma as one of their finalists

They also signed only 16 recruits this year which I think is the lowest of any Power Five team.

Riley was ahead of everyone else in understanding how to use the portal


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Taking this guy tells me all I need to know about the development of our WR after Metchie. Going to be a rude awakening for some fans after how spoiled we've been at the position for the last 4 years
Absolutely an incredible run with the receivers. A joy to watch.