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Well, after 236 NFL regular season plays this year, mostly 1 unit ($100) plays, I ended up losing a grand total of 11 bucks. LOL. But I guess 11 bucks for 17 weeks of fun entertainment is pretty cheap. Hope everyone had a fun year. Hopefully we can all win a few bucks in the postseason.

Final regular season record: 126-110 (53.4%%) -$11,00


6 pt teasers..................

Buffalo pk/TB -2 120/100 W

Rams +9/under 48 1/2 120/100 L

Might add a couple of more in the morning.
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GL man.

I’ve had years like that. Certainly better than getting taken to the woodshed
I hear ya. I don't do this to make a living. This is strictly entertainment for me. If I can go through a season without getting cut up and maybe make a little beer and pizza money in the end, I'm happy. For the price of a couple of drinks at the bar, I had a lot of fun this season.