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Russell Wilson isnt happy


VC's Valentine
He wants out because his coach is an idiot. Hasn’t improved o line in years, demands to run the ball and doubled down on it this off season with “establish it” and gave his sons preferential treatment as coaches (one moved on to OC at Arizona), supposedly. However, Russ saying he’d go to CHI negates any of his beef going with Nagy, no WRs if A-Rob leaves and tells me it’s more about where his wife wants to live. He’s more likely to win a SB in Sea then CHI and Vegas for that matter. Dallas probably too. Teams would have to give up capital and none besides the Saints on his honey do list are good enough to give up draft capital for him and compete for SBs

it def feels like it more about the city than the team. Although I think bears would potentially be pretty formidable, they the only one on the list who has a legit defense and I think they would play even better if they trusted the offense to do their part! They finally found a run game at end of season, you would think Robinson more likely to re-sign if they got Wilson, and they have some other guys who would probably flourish with him at qb. I don’t think any the teams would be bad with him at qb.

As I’ve mentioned I don’t think he that big a improvement over Carr for raiders to give up the stuff they need to improve the D! I’m not sure about dallas? Could be a situation where he might not drastically improve them but unlike Dak they would have more certainty with him for the next few years having him locked up for less money than Dak seeking or will cost against the cap this year!!!! Saints would be a instant SB contender no doubt. Assuming they can manage to keep most the team.