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Playoff picks


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Agree with your sides, although I don’t know if I play kc. We total opposite on the totals, lol. Again not sure im real confident in either tho. Gl


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Kansas -3.5
Under 56.5

Record: 13-11

Andy Reid with two weeks to prepare ....... just like if he had a bye to work with and his record off a bye is very good

Tampa Bay beat NO and GB as much as these two teams lost the game. Turnovers and capitalising on them was big in both of these games. Doubt Maholmes turns it over while Brady has been throwing int’s. Maholmes more likely to take advantage of any turnovers in the game

Not sold on either secondary but both have stepped up in the playoffs.

TB with the better rush defence but Kansas move the ball better than them on the ground. Can they also contain a more mobile QB than what they have faced? Doubt it. Then have to cover Kelce and Hill. Couldn’t do it earlier in the season, and doubt that Kansas ease up in this game like they did then

Expect to see TB to relinquish his crown as (arguably) the best ever QB to Maholmes who should win a few more SB’s in his time to be the new goat.

Like Kansas to win by 2 td’s. Score 31-15.


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Felt this way once the matchup was decided and nothing has changed for me, even though the coverage the last two weeks has been basically trying to convince people to bet TB