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Pick Club PLAYOFF Tiebreaker!


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We have a tie for 1st place overall with @Lexington 125 and @Johnnyonthespot

Both finished the season with 31 correct picks out of 50.

GREAT job fellas.

Also placing in the money was @Knamelis with 30 correct picks.

We'll have full standings posted tomorrow morning.

With all this being said, we need to determine a champion so we will be doing a playoff between Lex and Johnny.

Now, with this being only a 6 game card, we are going to allow totals this week and do a 7 game package of picks.

This will be fun for all of you to follow along with, and perhaps tail these 62% NFL cappers for Wild Card Weekend.

Here is the format:

-Lines will be posted Tuesday evening
-7 picks total will be submitted
-Sides and totals may be used
-BOTH contestants will PM their picks to @ProV1Colt and @B.A.R. before 11:00am eastern Saturday morning. We will then release the picks to the forum.
-If we still have a tie, we will move onto to another format next week

Thanks everyone for participating. This was a lot of fun!

Official Pick-Off Lines (Wild Card Week)

Buffalo -6.5 / 51 vs Indianapolis

Seattle -4 / 42.5 vs LA Rams

Tampa Bay -9 / 45 vs Washington

Pittsburgh -6.5 / 47.5 vs Cleveland

Baltimore -3 / 55 vs Tennessee

New Orleans -10 / 47.5 vs Chicago
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Yeah dudes. This has been fun! I appreciate any props given to me. It makes me feel great.

Haha. There was no way I was going to change my Eagles pick even though it had moved so much.

If I was going to upset the GREAT Lexington 125, let alone beat the amazing ctg community, I was not going to win by changing my pick at the last moment. That would be lame.

That being said, I thought it would be cool to go out on that pick. I thought it would be hard. I didnt think it would be impossible:)

I am the dog.

Let's go!


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I personally want to thank @Johnnyonthespot & @Lexington 125

What a ride and thanks for all the Winners you have given us over the stretch of the contest. We are ALL Winners for tailing!

And @Knamelis was on a heater the last couple weeks too. Finished strong.

Good Luck this weekend can’t wait to tail yous guys and crown the Pick Club Champ!


Johnny ties for first all while stuffing inzane in a locker daily in the politics thread, that’s true multitasking
I will not go into the politics thread because every needle dick here that gambles is a goon but I still love Johnny and inzane should take the path of least resistance, leave because they'll pile on with malcontent and drivel that can destroy clear thinking. Most degens are conspiracy freaks, stay far, far away. The liberal gambler is a fine art, and there's probably a business model there.


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It's the NFL postseason, and ESPN betting analysts Doug Kezirian (0-2 last week, 21-33-2 overall), Joe Fortenbaugh (2-2, 35-58-1), Anita Marks (5-15, 112-115-2), Preston Johnson (1-0, 16-20), Mike Clay (5-6, 21-16) and Tyler Fulghum (4-6-1, 64-87-3), sports betting deputy editor David Bearman (0-2, 34-24), Seth Walder (0-0, 50-31) of ESPN analytics and Aaron Schatz (0-4, 42-49-2) of Football Outsiders are here to tell us what bets they like from this weekend's divisional round slate.