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P2W Super Bowl


Mod by Monday Morning
St John’s ML and Oklahoma St ML came through for me yesterday (posted in cbb forum) so alive into TB Bucs ML 1u for 4.09u

winning qb of this game is most likely SB MVP however I would rather take a chance at bigger prices:
SB MVP Fournette 28-1 0.5u
SB MVP Godwin 40-1 0.5u
SB MVP Hardman 66-1 0.5u

TD Props:
Fournette o1.5 TD’s 5-1 0.5u
Godwin o1.5 TD’s 6-1 0.5u
Hardman o1.5 TD’s 14-1 0.5u
Bucs ML/u56 parlay +335 5.0u


VC's Valentine
I was right bout couple things. Jones def took enough work and yardage away from playoff Lenny to keep him out the mvp discussion. Not sure it would have mattered? anytime Brady plays a clean game like that he wins the mvp, lol.