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No JJ Watt thread?


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My guess is GB, Pitt, Buff...maybe Tenn or Indy

I really don't think he goes to TB and latches on to win a ring, think he wants to be the reason for one.

Two Utes

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they’re so far from competing it feels like...
Tend to agree from an offensive pov but getting Bush back and adding JJ makes that defense pretty damn good.

They need to commit to the run, I don't think they are that far off offensively. That dink and dunk stuff has to go though.


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Buff would be a good fit

he would be a huge help to the bills. I think packers, wiscy ties and all. Havnt heard bills tho, that would make sense too. I’ve heard he would like to play with his brothers but gotta think he rather go someplace with a better qb.