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NFL Saturday and Sunday 1/9 and 1/10


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YTD +1004
0-1 last

all x 50 each

ind/buff over 51
La/sea over 42
Tb/wash over 44

balt/tenn over 54
Chi/no over 47
Cle/pitt over 47

I was tempted to take buffalo ,Seattle, Tb, and no but in the end all overs seemed safer to me. I expect to go at least 4-2. GL


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Thanks Hunt. GL

just couldn’t get over Cool. But a push isn’t bad. GL

YTD +1104
2-0 with a push first half

Would have been a helluva lot easier to go 4-2 if they could have found one more pt in that first game. GL


Where the cash flows, matters
You got screwed out of a 3-0 day yesterday, but 2-0-1 not to bad. Keep up the great work. I am not sure whats up in football this year but defense stinks overall in both nfl & cfb