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NFL Draft InGame...


Man Crush on Kyle Guy

Pre-Draft Analysis​

Campbell is a taller and leaner corner with good length and outstanding speed. He has excellent burst breaking on underneath routes, and he limits yards after the catch. He's not a ball hawk and has weak change-of-direction quickness. -- Steve Muench

Post-Draft Analysis​

This pick might be more about the way the Jaguars feel about C.J. Henderson than anything else. The Jaguars took Henderson ninth overall last season, but he struggled with consistency and missed eight games with a groin injury. They signed Shaquill Griffin to a three-year, $40 million contract ($29 million guaranteed) in March, so he'll be one starter. Campbell and Henderson will have to compete and the loser likely moves inside as the nickelback. Per ESPN Stats & Information research, Campbell allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 59% of their passes when they targeted him in coverage last season. Campbell is a three-year starter and has just one interception in 33 games. -- Michael DiRocco


CTG Moderator
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Also him saying he wanted to play quicker and not wait for his wrist to heal I'm sure has nothing to do with howell being the new qb.... ok buddy

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