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New York Knicks return to the playoffs and potential opponents..


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The most exciting thing this spring in the nba for me will be seeing the Knicks back in the dance. This is a team everyone can root for as they bring it almost every night and are sort of a throwback team as well.

Albeit with capacity limits, we'll still get playoff hoops at MSG...which can only be rivaled by about 4-5 other venues in the league for postseason hoops. With such a long break, I expect there to be extra juice flowing ...

Likely opponents right now...


The first two matchups will be series bets given the right price for myself on NY. These are perfect playoff matchups for this team, obviously Atlanta more than any...

Miami would be the team that I worry about.

Obviously many things can shuffle in the next few weeks but these are the likely opponents.

What are your thoughts? I think that whatever matchup they get has the most intrigue in the East 1st Round.


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I dont mind them vs miami

Would prefer the other two, but the way they play does match well, julius has been unreal, and if people haven't noticed but RJ has made a leap and is a legit closer now

The board matchup vs miami would be huge, their rebound combined percentage is like 102, miami is 96 I think