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**** NCAAF In-Game Thread ****


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TD ARk St...they were down 14 at one point, not going up 11

i feel like their games always crazy since beginning year beating k-st that glorious sunbelt Saturday! I think by their 3rd game I was done trying to figure them out.


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Brady McBride slides down 1 yard before the FD marker when he could've gotten the yardage to gain. Thanks.


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I'm not sure which is better
dipping Wendy's fries in a Frosty or dipping Chick-fil-a waffle fries in a shake


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Some funny business in the Army game, they got called for penalty while trying to down teh ball stopping clock


Man Crush on Kyle Guy
Vandy wishing it had thrown deep on 4th and 24 to its big wideout instead of punting that far into UF territory at this stage in the game