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NBA Plays (February)...


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Barely check there but took a glance earlier and the Nuggets were the ‘sharp as a butter knife’ banger.


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Dam man who cares about covers? Bucks starting to play well..ahh well

Ya Mucks looking like the Bucks again.

Their 2nd halves the past few games have been great both offensively and defensively.

Middleton very underrated. Dude a knockdown bucket.


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Mucks were 1-10 ATS last 11 as road chalk of 5 or less, Nuggets were 12-2 ATS off two losses and had won their past 5 in this spot SU.

Very hard to get a perfect read on teams given the protocols and all the outs.

Teams playing watered down line-ups every night.

Shit happens. Moving on.

Tonight's play up in a bit.


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Thought I posted Sixers as the other play on the 'Two for Tuesday', typed it up but must have forgot to hit submit.

Either way, 1-0 posted last night with the Pelicans.

Sometimes the plays are up right before tip given the precarious nature of NBA starting line-ups this season.

Looks like a couple of decent spots tonight.


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Classy NBA, run coast to coast with 4 seconds on the clock to hit a pointless dunk.

Was Beasley so that explains it, dude hitting Pippen's wife that ditched his own fam.


Friend of CTG
Seriously Malik is a scumbag. Pippen's wife has no idea what she's doing. Thinks she's dating some some star pup. Did is a poor man's Ricky Davis will be gone in 2 years. She's ugly and trash