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NBA Plays (February)...


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16-18 (-5.35)

Had a good start, then a shitty run in early January.

Got down just over 15 units.

Slowly getting my shit together, 8-3 last 11 plays.

Let's see how things go this month.

Play up in a bit.


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Had to be done.

Mucks in a great spot.

I'm sure they'll make trying to get this cover fun as always.

But again...

Spot >Team.


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No harm laying the 9.5 but I always try to get the best number available if it's not too expensive.

Teams in the Mucks spot are 9-2-1 ATS last 12 winning by an average of +14 points.

Spot is 4-0 ATS in 2020 winning by an average of +17.7 points.


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Pistons were to play Nuggs last nite, canceled due to COVID. Wondering if the 12 line is the same, prior to cancellation? B2B in altitude. If pistons did play last nite, would the line today been 15ish?

I think Jazz could win by 20 or just sleep walk and win in the 4-8 pt range


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Pacers 0-9 ATS in their losses this season.

Basically going by the numbers you only play the Pacers spread if you think they're gonna win straight-up.

0-4 SU and ATS in underdog losses, losing by an average of -14.8 points.

Indy is banged-up and on the 2nd night of a B2B, I'll take my chances with the Mucks winning and covering.

Really liked the Flippers but can't play teams off a Nets game.


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I liked ‘em too. Didn’t bet.

ended up pushing didn’t they? That ending was all kinds of screwed up, went from looking like a easy cover to looking like was gonna be a ats loss. Hoops at the end can be such a cluster fuck! I always thought college was worse for this but paying attention to more nba recently not so sure?!?


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Sixers game which I passed on got wrecked on the spread only because of this. More NBA good times...

it was redic Philly didn’t cover that game. Since I rarely follow nba regular season I didn’t realize these kind of things happened at end, i thought late game shenanigans were mostly reserved for ncaa with all the fouling! Nothing more aggravating than your team covering or staying within number most the game only to get hosed in the final few minutes! College coaches seem to have a uncanny ability to continue fouling just enough to push past the number then all a sudden calling off the dogs! Number can be anywhere between 6 and freaking 12/13! I don’t see much the foul game in nba, instead they make last 2 minutes as frantic a pace they can allowing them to either get inside the number or letting it get pushed above the number, basically the opposite of how the entire game been played! Is live betting in the 4th a reasonable option?


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Mucks looking like ass and by the 'numbers' it's a loser.

They haven't won or covered a game as road chalk when they lose the 1st quarter this season.

0-4 SU and ATS.


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20-18 (+3.35)

1-0 last night.

Having a good run.

Heads up for Saturday...

Is the worst day of the season for favorites so far.

Chalk on Saturday is 15-28-2 ATS (26-19 SU) including today's Knicks SU win and cover.

Not the greatest card tonight on the eve of the Super Bowl. Looking at a couple of games, play up a little later.
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In these 2020/21 regular season home and home series, road chalk that won as road chalk in the 1st game are 3-7 SU (1-8-1 ATS) in the 2nd game.

Mucks in this situation tonight, noting there has never been double-digit road chalk in this spot. Highest spread has been -9.

That being said I still lean to the Greek.


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Lakers, Mucks and Sixers were my leans, 'system selections'. Picked one, may still play Lakers.

Somewhat of a dangerous game riddled with intangibles but not gonna overthink it.

Sixers got shit on at home by a beat-up Blazers team in their last game, if this team has any pride they take care of business tonight vs another weakened opponent.

The only dude from the 'ISO 3' aka 'Sensitive Squad' playing tonight for the Nets is Jimmy Harden who logged 39+ minutes last night.

Whether JoJo MoJo plays or not, Sixers should bring it with Simmons back and those 'trade rumors' from earlier in the season.