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NBA Plays (Christmas and January)...


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2014/15: 94-69-1 (+33.80) 58%

2015/16: 106-87-2 (+33.47) 55%

2016/17: 111-81 (+57.74) 58%

2017/18: 107-99 (-2.07) 52%

2018/19: 136-111-2 (+31.44) 55%

2019/20: 116-90-1 (+54.27) 56%

Time to get the thread up for what's gonna be the weirdest season to date.

Ate fairly well last time out. Bubble ball got a little 'pain in the assy' and tiresome towards the end though.

Opening day games look nice on paper.

'Load management' and COVID this season gonna be fun for sure.

Breaking shit down right now, some real sleepers to win it all this year but the league probably stays on brand like last season.

Plays on their way in the next few days.

Let's eat fellas...



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Nets cover the spread easily but I'll always take the ML on chalk of 3 or less.

Crooklyn got chemistry, their two emotional stars look settled (for now).

KD will feast on the East, Durant has an almost 80% win percentage vs the lesser-conference the past 5 seasons.

Talent makes up for coaching, insert Steve Kerr who looks like ass now the talent has almost evaporated.

Waiting to see how this team does out West.


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Lean Mavs next but will sit it out, won't fade the champs off a loss on principle.

Looking at the late tip.


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Man the role of Tatum being forced to be Kobe is a joke. Dude has the ball every possession and ends up with like 24 a game. That play call with 7 seconds left and no urgency to shoot a 30 footer is a joke. Nice job Brad.


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Brad had the clowns in on the final Indy possession as well. Easy lane for Sabonis. Williams and Williams, where was Thompson and Theis ?


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2-1 (+1.1)

Would have played the C's in that spot every time. Just unfortunate.

Either way Pacers got a good coach in Nate Bjorkgren, dude made Bradley Stevens look stupid last night.

Kicking myself for passing on the Suns and Lakers because I was so annoyed watching this game and the C's switch-happy defense.

Play up in a bit.