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***NBA In-Game Thread***


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Live over!

Yeah, but down 31..

Playing 4 on 5 at times with Draymond on floor ..

Mise well rest Steph, right?

Total was 233.5 at first timeout

209 currently.

Dallas will slow down too.

I'd need under 199.5 to hit this unless the gap gets under 15 by halftime.


Man Crush on Kyle Guy
This makes me feel better about betting on Indiana tonight lol. That final score was extremely flattering for the Pacers lol


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Jayson Tatum is really good.

Popovich's hair is really bad.

He's getting better. Can be really good.

Pop with that trim looks like the Crypt-Keeper.

Petition · Bring back John Kassir as The Cryptkeeper in the new Tales from  the Crypt series! ·


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That step back three over Zion...

Well, he's just take over early tonight.


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Russ might get a 20-20-20 game...

Lets go Orlando (Detroit please tank)

Heckuva high scoring 2h in Detroit as well.