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NBA Finals Plays...


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Regular Season: 60-52 (+14.1)

Playoffs: 22-17 (+13.16)

Overall: 82-69 (+27.26)

Game 6.

The play...

Bucks ML -182 (5 to win 2.75)

Is what it is here.

As always there maybe some fuckery with the spread given where things stand.

That is a maybe, by definition the Mucks should roll but I won't mess with the line.

The League gonna be the League sometimes.

By my sims and shit, Milwaukee has between 75-78% shot at winning SU and between 60-63% chance of the cover.

Found the best ML I could and slapped it accordingly.

Cannot see the Suns recovering from what has transpired the past 2 games, the cream has risen in the form of the Bilwaukee Mucks.

All the best fellas.



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Regular Season: 60-52 (+14.1)

Playoffs: 23-17 (+15.91)

Overall: 83-69 (+30.01)

Achieved the goal of +30-50 units by the final whistle. Messed up, weird season but got there. Could have been better.

Thank fuck the floppy little Cliff and the Puns didn't win the 'ship.

Yanni earned my respect with a true hater-proof performance in the Finals. Put the team on his back for the majority of this series. Good to see.

Cramps and many others in that fraternity will feel slightly pissed.

Those that peep my plays know I've ridden the Mucks for a decent amount of time, it's like I've watched one of my kids grow up before my eyes.

Feeling a little emotional, lol.

Well done Mucks, well done.

Until next season fellas (if we survive the pending alien attack).

Will be dropping some Olympic hoops plays in here though.

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