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MLB Wednesday 9/15


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YTD +7015
5-1 last - That means I have gone 12-3 in the last 4 days. God, I love football season. :rofl:

Of course having said that, I will lose today because the gambling gods have no sense of humor but it was worth it.

Thanks Inzane. GL

All x50 each

Det +2 1/2 -110 - Both decent starters with recent blips. I'll take the home team and runs in this one.
TB +2 1/2 -190 - When you can tell me how Ray should be a -160 favorite over Wacha and the Rays I would love to know. Give me those runs.
Pitt +2 1/2 -180 - Both starters iffy but Keller much better pitching at home. Good enough for me to take runs.
Balt +2 1/2 -150 - Cortes has been solid but Means is no slouch. Yanks -180 on road must be mystique combined with must win and you all know how I feel about that.
St Louis +2 1/2 -210 - Head scratcher as Lester has been seriously good and Megill way too generous to be a -170 favorite even at home. StL might win this one straight up.
Cle ML +100 - Quantrill and the Guardians beat the Twins and Jax who has given up at least 4 runs in his last 5 starts. Jax is favored?
LA ML -350 - Bookies screaming DON'T BET THIS ONE!!!!!!!! That's why they put those ridiculous high odds on these games. Give me my $50 please.



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Nice to see we have a race for wild card stops heading down the stretch here.
Giants are starting to make believers out of me. They're hitting everyone.

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