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MLB Wednesday 5/5


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8-0 last

My dad always used to say "I would rather be lucky than good any day." If you are good there is always someone better. But if you were lucky that was tough to beat.

Last night in the second LA/Cubs game the only way possible for me to win that over was if the Dodgers scored one run to tie it at 1-1 in the top of the 7th (last inning) which they did. And then hold the Cubs in bottom of the 7th to send it to extra innings. And they did. Then LA had to score a run in the top of the 8th and they scored 2 to make it 3-1. The Cubs had to score 1 run to bring the total to 5 (3-2) which would win one big bet and a bunch of parlays. Instead they hit a 2 run homer and tied the score 3-3 which won everything. I am not a fan of that runner on second for both teams to start extra innings but it saved my ass last night.

That was a whole lot of "had to happen just right" to win that over. I would love to say I am good at capping baseball but my dad was right. I would rather be lucky than good any day.

All x100 each. A bit of everything today. A favorite, a dog, an over, and an under. All overs -140. Unders -130.

CHW/Cinn over 8
SF +100
Bal/Sea over 7
AZ/Miami over 7
Houston +120
Boston -180
Pitt/SD over 6
Cle/KC over 6 1/2
Tor/Oak under 9



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I was trying to think yesterday if I have ever bet a game total of 4.5 before. Has to be an all time low. Its as bizarre as watching Sunday night football on May 2nd. I've taken photos of a lot of these current times. Maybe in 10 years I'll repost just to insure these times are weird. Will you be around still? Lol. Great job


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Thanks CPA. GL

Wise, I was thinking about that as well the overall low totals on these shortened DH. A few years back I got so excited about getting a total of 5 on 9 inning games and I do believe this is the first time 4 1/2 was ever possible on a game of any length. The really weird thing is if a game only went 7 innings the total would be washed out. Now they plan on them going 7. I sincerely hope I will be around 10 years from now but I can say if I'm posting then it would probably be a real good idea to fade whatever I picked. GL :)