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MLB Tuesday 7/13 All Star Game


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The league desperately needs to have an interesting All Star game. Hitting sucks so bad this year that a lot of scoring should help them at least keep the fans watching that tuned in in the first place. Maybe all 3 of them.

So take the balls out of the humidor. Put it in Coors where even routine flies can go the distance. Add that these guys allow double digit runs on a regular basis no matter where they pitch. Throw in pitchers attitudes that they don't really want to be there so they won't over exert themselves. And add a dash of there will be no holes in the lineup for the pitchers to pitch around and this should sail over even these high totals.

As for any controversy about moving this game from Atlanta to Denver because of politics and all I have to say about that is to quote the great announcer Harry Doyle when he said "Who gives a shit? Nobody is watching this anyway!" GL
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