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MLB Thursday 7/15


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Thanks B.A.R. GL

My apologies for the All Star over pick. It rarely happens but I listened to the hype instead of myself. I forgot two critical aspects in capping that game. 1) Pitching pretty much sucks but there were the best MLB has going in that game. 2) The most important factor is, and maybe you remember me mentioning it a time or two in here, these MLB players can't hit at all. Those two factors alone made this an easy under bet but instead of logic I was thinking about humidors and routine fly balls sailing out instead of remembering you have to actually hit the ball for those things to have an influence. I knew by the 3rd inning I had bet the wrong way. Sorry.

Boston/NYY over 8 -140 x300

Even the Yankees should be able to hit Rodriguez at home. Not sure who NY will throw but it really doesn't matter as Boston should be good for 4 runs against anything the Yankees trot out there. Won't surprise me if one of these teams scores 8 by themselves. GL

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