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MLB Saturday 6/5


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Buddy of mine's son is getting married tomm. Should be pretty well blasted by first pitch of the first game. They are getting married on the 16th green of the Firestone south course. Reception in the clubhouse. Haven't played out there in 55 years when my dad worked as a sales manager for Firestone and we had a family membership. Mom and I played that course 3 times a week in the summer for years. Both my sisters had their wedding reception in that clubhouse. (Got married in a church though) Will bring back good memories.

Once the Japanese bought Firestone and made it Bridgestone around 1988, dad had been retired for quite a while, you had to be a Japanese executive to play out there for many years. They would fly over from Japan just for the weekend to play that course. Then there was something about Bridgestone bought Firestone but not that golf course. Big scandal or some such shit. I think the PGA had something to do with the whole mess but I'm not sure. Then it became very exclusive membership but I'm not sure by who. In any event, my buddy is the clubhouse manager there now and that's how he got access for his son's wedding.

All x50 each

Detroit +2 1/2 -120
AZ +2 1/2 -120
Mets/SD over 5 -140

Grand Salami over 129 -110 x700 GL
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