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MLB Friday 7/16


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Rainout last

All x50 each

Minn/Det #1 over 6 -140 - I really hope they shit can these 7 inning games. Fans get ripped off and these two DH's are separate admission day/night so you pay the same for less game. And then the league wonders why attendance is down. Funniest thing is Detroit likely to rain out and that adds two more of these DH's to make up for todays makeup.
Minn/Det #2 over 6 -140
Mia/Phil #1 over 6 -140
Mia/Phil #2 over 6 -140
KC ML -140 - I look for a small run from KC in the second half. Should play .500 ball which is much better than their first half.
LA ML -180 - Dodgers will just keep keeping on.
Cubs ML -150 - Should play better in second half but not world beaters
Oakland ML -190 - Oak solid but Cle just a .500 team. Any early runs by the Tribe will slow as Tito burns up those arms come end of August or so.

Grand Salami over 150 -110 x600 - Nothing will change here as it is unlikely to survive the rain today.


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