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MLB Friday 6/4


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YTD +3188
4-3 last

All x50 each - all overs -140

Mia/Pitt over 7
Wash/Phil over 6
TB/Tex over 7 1/2
Cinn/Stl over 7 1/2
Mets/SD over 7

Still waiting on Cubs/SF total and GS



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Thanks B.A.R. GL


Grand Salami under 136 -110 x500

I was all set to go over this and they went and added 6 1/2 runs to it. They usually add 3-4 runs to all the totals to get the GS but this is just crazy so I have to try and slip it in under despite all the overs I bet by themselves. Probably stupid to try that but I've never been accused of being very smart. GL


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Thanks Botanical I appreciate it. GL

GS down to 135 now. Tempted to try and middle some of those overs I bet but I am going to just stay the course. GL

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