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Mikey Henderson arrested, no longer at OU


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Not sure how many people know who this kid is or realized what a star he was going to be.

He played spot duty as a freshman but was unstoppable. Played H-back, an important position at OU. OU was loaded at the position so he didn't play much early, but was a star in the last few games. Averaged 9 yards per carry, 14 yards per reception. Big--6-2, 245--one of the fastest guys on the team, future unlimited. The staff thought he was going to be an all american and first round draft choice before he was through

Now a felony arrest warrant has been issued for him as the third player involved in the most inept armed robbery of the century. Those three showed up and pulled a gun on another student, pistol whipped him, and demanded marijuana. The student knew one of them, recognized another and they were arrested within a few minutes.

Now it turns out Henderson was the third guy and is headed for prison.

The coaches were talking about all the ways they were going to use him, including moving him to RB, and what a weapon he was going to be after the season ended, then all talk about him ended. I guess they had a pretty good idea he was the third guy by that time.

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