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May 1st - 10th


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All plays are one unit unless otherwise noted. Unit size for this cycle is $300


NYM/PHI un 7.5 +101
LAD/MIL un 7 -103 (1.5*)
LAD/MIL un 3.5 F5 -110
SD/SD un 7 -103
DET/NYY un 7.5 +119
KC +127
BAL/OAK un 7.5 +111
ARI -.5 F5 -125
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Surprised to not see you on Cubs over again
The wind going out to RF yesterday at a steady 15-20 mph was the clincher for me in that game. I was close to pulling the trigger on that one but looked like a strong cross wind today and that tends to favor pitchers


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KC +105 (3*) (big prospect on paper making his debut for the Royals tonight. This game is definitely on my watch list this evening.)
STL -120 (3*)
NYM tt un 3.5 +110 (3*)