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Esports........LOL.....League Of Legends


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Just started playing LOL last June during quarantine.......been playing everyday since.......started watching the games back in 2018 when IG won worlds......

started wagering on LOL this Monday........been mostly watching LCS ( North America Region ) and LPL ( China ) and LCK ( Korea ).

LPL teams are more aggressive in their playing style. Most of their games are a lot of action with lots of kills. Same with LCK. The Asian teams are more aggressive.

LCS tend to farm more and play safer style. There’s less kills in LCS compare to LPL and LCK.

From my observations of games.......the following wagers at + money is the best bet IMO.

Nashors ( also called Barons) over 1.5 killed is mostly lined at +170 range
Over 2.5 killed is lined at +1025 range

Drakes over 4.5 is lined at -145 range
Over 5.5 is lined at +170 range
Over 6.6 is lined at +500 range

Inhibitors taken down over 2.5 is lined +350 range

the above wagers can be wager at BM

Bovada have the overall total of kills in a game meanwhile BM have it lined by teams.

Most games end up with at least 1 Baron killed and around 4 Drakes and 2 inhibitors. This only happens when 1 team overpowers the other teams. If both teams played the game evenly, the game can end up with at least 2 Barons, 5-7 drakes and over 2.5 inhibitors. And the killeds end up in the 20’s........

LCS games should be wagered on the Under kills at Bovada. The games are lined in the mid 20’s. Bovada has these lined at -115 both ways.

LPL games should be wagered on the over
Drakes 5.5 and 6.5
Barons 1.5 and 2.5
Inhibitors 2.5
also kills over wagered at Bovada. Lines are mid 20’s average

LPL plays a Best of 3. First to 2 wins. Each game is called Map. So it’s Map 1, Map 2, Map 3.

LCK plays Best of 3 too.

LCS plays 1 game only.

I was messing around with this on Wednesday and hit 2 plays at +1025 , 2 plays at +500 and 2 plays at +350. I played $10 bucks each only. I played the LPL games. I played all the games for this week. I played Map 1 and Map 2 only for each Matchup because it’s not guaranteed a Map 3 If 1 team wins 2-0. That’s like 10 plays per matchup at 5 plays per Map.It did not go too well on Thursday as I went like 3-27. I’m still up overall. I still have like 4 matchups in the LPL for this week. Thats

LCS season started on the 15th which is today.
So far, the plays are at break even point or down a little. I play each game on the Drakes , Barons, and inhibitors overs at BM. Thats 5 plays per game or per Map. Had no funds at Bovada. Would had hit the Kills under.


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I’ll tally up the numbers after the week is over and see where is the best play.

so far, I think over Baron is the Best bet and the under kills in LCS matchups.

the inhibitors bet looks tasty, but it’s not profitable long term because most games end up with like 2 inhibitors. The over 1.5 inhibitors is lined at -190 range.

the Drakes bet. It all depends on how fast a team attacks the drakes. If they attack early and both team play safe, we can see at least 5 drakes. The over 4.5 Drakes is lined at -145 ranged.

still learning and seeing how teams play.

ill start a record here to see how I do with my plays starting next week.