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ESPN Handicapper Results Week 2


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Good week for Stanford Steve, Phil Steele, Greg McElroy, disaster for Bear

The Bear—Week 2 (0-2) Season (2-4) Bank Picks (3-3) 2020 Season (25-21)
Washington +7 Lose
Iowa State -4 Lose
Bank Picks

Washington +7 Lose
Iowa State -4 Lose
Ball St +22x Lose

Stanford Steve— Week 2 (4-2) Season (7-4)
Best Bet (2-0) 2020 Season (32-27),
Iowa State -4 Lose
Toledo +17 Win
Toledo/N Dame o 55x Win
Pitt -3 Best Bet Win
Cal +11 Win
Illinois +10 Lose

Bill Trocci— Week 2 (1-2) Season (2-4)
2020 Season (42-31)
App State +9 Win
Missouri +5x Lose
Vandy +6x Lose

Phil Steele-- Week 2 (6-4) Season (9-8)
2020 Season (27-40)
Hawaii +11 Lose
N Mex State +18x Win
Hampton +27x Lose
SMU/N Tex o 73 Lose
S Miss -24x Win
UTSA -18x Win
Iowa/Iowa State u 46 Win
Navy/A Force u 40x Win
Navy +6 Lose
W Kentucky +6 Win

Scott Van Pelt— Week 2 (4-4) Season (8-5)
2020 Season (42-39)
Colorado +17 Win
Rice +9 Lose
Arkansas st +5.5 Win
Arkansas +7 Win
Mizzou +5.5 Lose
App st +9 Win
Udub +7 Lose
Ecu +2 Lose

Joey and Jesse Virtual Locks
Joey Week 2 (1-1) Season (1-3)
2020 Season (14-12)
Michigan -6x Win
N Dame -17 Lose
Matt Week 2 (1-1) Season (1-3)
No 2020 Season
Ohio State -14x Lose
Iowa + Win

Colin Cowherd Blazing Five— Week 1 (2-3) Season (2-3)
2020 Season (35-37)
Pitts +6.5 Win
Detroit +7.5 Lose
Carolina -4.5 Win
Washington -0.5 Lose
KC -5.5 Lose

Greg McElroy
Week 2 (2-1) Season (4-2)
Iowa +4x Win
Pitt -3 Win
UAB +24x Lose

My Picks— Week 2 (4-3) Season (6-4)
2020 Season (48-31)
Pitt -2x Win
Rutgers -2 Win
Iowa +5 Win
Utah -7 Lose
Pitt ML Win
Utah ML Lose
T Bay -7x Lose

Gameday Super Dog Pick Results

Desmond—Cal +11x Win 2-0
David—Mizzou +5x Lose 1-1
Lee—N Illinois +7 Tie 1-0-1
Kirk— Toledo +17 Win 1-1
Reece—Ark St +5x Win 1-1
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Results from the ESPN D-League pickers. The numbers shown are season records. If Fortenbaugh keeps winning he may get promoted to the main board

Joe Fortenbaugh 6-3
Oregon/Ohio St o 63x Win
Toledo +16x Win
NC State -2x Lose
Utah -7 Lose

Bill Connelly
Wyoming -7 Tie
UAB +24x Lose
Temple -7 Win
Iowa +5 Win
Mizzou/Ky u 56x Lose

Doug Kezirian
UAB +14x (1st half) Lose
Temple -7 Win
Nebraska -13x Win
S Alabama -14x Lose
USC/Stanford u 52x Lose
UNLV/Ariz St o 53.5 Lose
o 30.5 first half, Lose
UNLV team total o 10.5 Lose

Tyler Fulghum
Coastal Carolina -25x Win

David M. Hale
N Dame -16x Lose
A F/Navy u 40x Win
Miami -8 Lose


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I don’t understand cowherd using the 7.5 line on lions? It was basically 9 all week including Friday when he does the blazing 5. Imo he really was 3-2 cause 9 was available pretty much everywhere all week.


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Michigan won
Fixed it

Back at Tahoe. Smoke is gone so are the tourists. I wrote on the 60 Feet of Snow thread it seems like Los Angles in the movie The Omega Man. Some mysterious force has killed all humans and Charlton Heston is the only guy left alive. That's what it's like when the tourists disappear on Labor Day
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