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Chip's RPL's & GS


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I figure it's going to be a wonky season, so I'm shelving my 'posting plays jinx' superstition and strapping on the blades.

I look for home pups with outlandish odds on the reverse puck-line and for the Salami's, I have a robust system of gut feel.

Flat bets of 1u on the rpl and 'to win' 1u on the salami's.

Wheel, snipe, celly.

NJ -1.5 +360
Det -1.5 +350

Salami U 59.5 -105


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Live Car -1.5 +170

Another angle I've been having some luck with the last few years is live betting a team that's up by a goal in the last half of the 3rd on the puckline....looking for the empty netter. The books have been shutting down the live betting on a game with about 4 minutes left, so I try to get on it with about 5min left in the game.


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Yeah, they've been shutting the puckline live betting down earlier and earlier the past few far this year, it looks like the 4min mark is the deadline.


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Lap on the Zamboni:

RPL: 0-2 -2u
Salami: 0-1 -1.05u
Live Empty Netters: 1-0 +1.7u

The Preds live puckline woulda worked, but unfortunately they got a power play with just over 5min left and that kicks the snot outta the live puckline.


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Which book is that peel?

I've got +370 at MyBookie and +375 at Pinny, the only 2 of my outs that offer 'alternate lines'.


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let's go chippy! First saturday night and we love goals on saturday night!


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Heritage graded the salami bet as a win, despite the Car/Nsh postponement...the 7 games that remained almost went Over 48.5 goals anyway!

It may not be totally legitimate or above board, but I'll claim victory...there's a bit of that going around today. :cool:

93 - NHL Grand SalamiHockey
Over Goals vs Under Goals Total UNDER 48½-110 for Game
NHL GAME #73-74 CAROLINA vs NASHVILLE has been postponed due to Covid-19 issues
Game Time: Jan 19, 2021 4:05 pm PST