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CFB Week 3


CTG Psychiatrist - Dr. Tim
5-3 in Week 2 for a decent week Lost the larger play on NCST which didn't help.

YTD Record
Sides 6-5, +0.48u
Totals 2-2-1, -0.71u
1H Sides 1-0 +1.0u
Teasers 0-2 -2.0u
Overall 9-9-1 -1.23u

105 UCF -6.5 -114 1.5*
137/138 Purdue/ND over 58 -109 1*
143 Alabama 1H -7 -118 1*
143 Alabama -14 -108 1.5*
181/182 Auburn/Penn St. under 52.5 -108 1*
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Hard not to think State will stack the box and make Nix have to beat them with some green wide receivers. Common knowledge how bad he is on the road. We at least have an idea who State is, but who the hell knows who Auburn is. Seems like State would have to score a ton to bust that total. Cheers and good luck Tim

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