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CDSs Week 2 NFL


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2021 Season
5-7 -3.05 units

Rough start to the year. A ton of things I did not see coming but probably should have. In hindsight it was pretty obvious that Green Bay and especially Rodgers would lay an egg after the offseason he and they had. It probably should have been more obvious to me that Dak would pick right up where he left off last year before getting hurt. He showed no rust at all.

Some quick impressions from week 1.....Justin Herbert is who we all think he is. 31-47 for 337 yards vs that defense on the road in his first game facing road fans is outstanding.
I realize that Pitt just won in Buffalo but I have to trust my eyes, Big Ben cant move anymore. At all. The Raiders actually got a pass rush on Monday night, will they get to Ben?
Sam Darnold is going to play well for the Panthers this year and they have a very balanced team.
Joe Burrow is a star and Minnesota went from having one of the best defenses to one of the worst defenses in a couple of years.
Houston wont be an easy win for anyone.
The NFC West is going to be an absolute dogfight and will be fun to watch. AZ, Sea and LA all had super impressive performances while the 49ers fell asleep in the last quarter of what was an impressive showing.
The Raiders defense got better, not sure by how much but they absolutely got better. They actually had a pass rush on Monday.


Giants/WFT first H u20.5 -115


49ers/Eagles o50 -110
Cowboys/Chargers o55 -110 2 units
Panthers +3.5 -110
Texans TT o17.5 -115
Bears -1.5 -110
Jets +6 -110
Cardinals -3.5 -110
Titans +6.5 -115

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Still have the Pack as part of a teaser from yesterday. Really feeling the spot for the Packers tonight. I think Rodgers shows up in a big way after the straight up embarrassment of last week.


Packers TT o30.5 -115 2 units
Packers First H -7 -110 2 units

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