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caboto NFL 2020


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Week 16
Cardinals -3 @-115 to win 2,5u
Rams +2,5 @-110 to win 2u
Cook over 1.5 td @280 to win 2.8u
Cook over 83.5 rushing yards @-115 to win 1u

ML parlay Bucs / Dolphins @110 to win 2,2u
49ers +6,5 @-110 to win 2u

Texans -7 @-110 to win 2,5u
Browns -6,5 @-109 to win 2u

Bears ML / Chiefs -3 / Ravens -3 @102 to win 2,55u - Chiefs count as a push, so +1,5u
Steelers - Colts over 42,5 @-108 to win 2u

4-6 -4,46u
Overall: 70-70-2 -2,8u


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MVP Rodgers @400 to win 10u

MVP Adams @10000 to win 50u
NFC Champions Packers @200 to win 4u
Super Bowl Winner Packers @600 to win 12u


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Week 17
Packers -4 @-115 to win 2u
Jets ML @130 to win 1,3u
Bucs -7 @-108 to win 1,5u
Broncos-Raiders over 50 @-110 to win 1u

Chiefs +6.5 @-110 to win 1u

3-2 +2,2u
Overall: 73-72-2 -0,6u

MVP Rodgers @400 2,5u to win 10u
MVP Adams @10000 0,5u to win 50u
NFC Champions Packers @200 2u to win 4u
Super Bowl Winner Packers @600 2u to win 12u


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Pretty even on the regular season. Actually I didn't hit the submit button for the Jets ML bet, but nevertheless count it for the record. Pretty good chances to win the MVP bet according to the actual odds, so probably up about 5 units at least, even if the Packers lose against an NFC opponent.

I'm afraid that the line at the Steelers game is a trap. The reserve team of the Steelers get +10 and lost only by two at Cleveland with a chance to win it till late 4th quarter and now the starters get only 4 or 5 at home against Mayfield who never played a playoff game. Only chance to hang around is letting Chubb and Hunt loose and run all over the Steelers defense, which is difficult enough and only works in a close game. If the Steelers get an early two-score lead, Mayfield have to beat the Steelers through the air and I think, that won't work.

Steelers -4,5 @-110 to win 2u


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1-1 -0,15 yesterday

Have an unposted parlay with Bills ML / Rams +10 / Bucs -3 / Titans +10 and Bears +16 @296 to win 3,75u but won't count for the record as I wasn't able to reach the site from Friday till late Saturday afternoon (European time).

Titans +3,5 @-109 to win 1u
Titans - Ravens over 54 @-104 to win 1u
D.Henry over 1,5 TD @210 to win 4,1u
D.Henry over 2,5 TD @800 to win 4u